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In the current scenarios, it is pertinent to keep a check on your close ones position whether be it your children, elders or anyone whom you wish to track for a good cause. The check in and check out timings, real time geo location and any other features from the above use cases can be easily incorporated as per your convenience. The motive is to create a device securing your loved ones against any mishaps.

The Allbuddy tracker is the best Android Application to keep an eye on the movements of your loved ones. It is easy to use and provides real time information about the where about of your buddies. You can also have a one-on-one messaging with your buddies and, can help them to find the shortest route to their destination. The service point marking ability will help in knowing the stopping points of your buddies and the time taken at every stop.

The Allbuddy tracker offers a neat location history, which could help you retrace your steps if you're trying to remember what you did on a certain day or need to help settle an argument.