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Web App

Newtel's Allbuddy tracker Application is not only facilitating the tracking of field force and buddies, but also, commanding on fleet tracking. The clients with having huge fleet linkages, self-owned and rented vehicles for their operations are in ardent need of tracking the live position of their fleet on daily basis.

The customers in this section are coming from multitude industry types and with our Application and services, they are getting useful insights about their fleet management.

Benefits of Fleet Tracker :

.  Verification of exact location of the fleet as where they are supposed to be at a decided time.

.  Check on the vehicles to make sure they are working fine.

.  See a real-time overview of all vehicles and their proximity to one another.

Mobile App

Allbuddy tracker is offering combined version for Fleet (GPS tracker device) and Driver(App) Location Tracking :

.  In this case the entire fleet(vehicles) along with the executive can be tracked in real-time.

.  Fleet Tracking can be done by using NewTel's GPS tracker along with the SIM equipped in the device.

.  Drivers can be tracked through Mobile App.

.  Kilometres and cycle reports with date filters and other customized reports available at the service stations.

Usually, in this category clients hire temporary and permanent workforce. The AllBuddy Tracker Application is configurable in both the scenarios to create temporary accounts, with easy log in via OTP Services.